Premium Quality Wood Pellets

pallets of LG low ash wood pellets

For the South Shore and Eastern MA, order LG Granules which are manufactured in Quebec Canada.
These woodpellets are a combination of top quality Black Spruce and Grey Pine which are known for their superior heating value.  LG’s have a high heat quality, low lg wood pellets low ashmoisture content and
ash level of below 0.38%.

LG Granules uses independent test labs to account for
their quality control and the pellet heat, moisture and ash
levels which are available for you to review.

Heat Value: 8,347 BTU/lb

Moisture content at less than one percent by weight.

Ash content of 0.38 by weight, with the PFI premium standard at less than one percent by weight.

wood pellets bostonOrder now for Greater Boston wood pellet fuel delivery to your home.

2 Responses to Premium Quality Wood Pellets

  1. Ray Toomey says:

    Any Spring pricing sales on LG Granules to stock up early for 2014-15?

    • Marina Guilfoyle says:

      What is the cost per ton delivery of LG granules for 2015-16 heating season delivered to YarmouthPort, Cape Cod?
      Thx, MG

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