Wood Pellets

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Delivery Charges

$10 flat rate charge no matter how much you order delivered within Foxboro or Mansfield

Outside of that area, 1 ton $25 delivery

2-4 tons  $10 per ton

4 ton and over flat rate of $40

Granules LG Premium Pellets (Softwood)

Granules LG out of Quebec Canada offers 100% top-quality softwood pellets made from Black Spruce and Grey Pine trees and are known for their superior heating value. With an average heat value of 7,765 BTU/lb, moisture content of 6.97%, and ash level below 0.38%, Granules LG pellets will deliver a high quality, low maintenance burn. Founded in 1995, Graunles LG has a highly trained team of professionals who use state-of-the-art equipment to produce a consistently great product for our customers.

Wood Pellets

This year the demand for pellets is very high, leading to shortages in many stores.  Premium-grade wood pellets feature high BTU output, low ash and no bark.  Demand has outstripped supply since 2005 as more and more people have turned to pellet stoves as a supposedly economical alternative to other forms of heating and one that draws on a domestic supply of fuel rather than overseas oil and gas.
Although the chemical constituents and moisture content of different biomass materials vary, the Pellet Fuel Institute has identified common characteristics and developed fuel standards. These voluntary industry standards assure as much uniformity in the final product as is possible for naturally grown materials that become processed, but not refined fuel. PFI graded fuel must meet tests for:

Density: consistent hardness and energy content (minimum 40 pounds/cubic foot)

Dimensions: length (1½” maximum) and diameter (1/4″or 5/16″) to assure” predictable fuel amounts and to prevent fuel jamming

Fines: limited amount of sawdust from pellet breakdown to avoid dust while loading and problems with pellet flow during operation (amount of fines passing through 1/8″ screen no more than .5% by weight)”

Chlorides: limited salt content (no more than 300 parts per million) to avoid stove or vent rusting

Ash content: important factor in maintenance frequency.

5 Responses to Wood Pellets

  1. hal rosenblatt says:

    will order soon-?comparative prices on excellent pellets

  2. Emily von Gal says:

    What are the prices for your pellets going per bag/ton right now?

  3. theodora jameson says:

    Is it an extra charge to set the pallets down in a garage?

  4. ken cook says:

    I found that LG Granules makes a super premium softwood pellet. It has a BTU rating of 8700 and a low ash count of 0.4. Do you carry that pellet ? If not, would you think of bringing it in. Also, LG has now on the market a hardwood pellet, that also has high BTU’s and low ash. Would you think of bringing that pellet in ? I bought a ton of the regular LG softwood pellets from you last year. It was a good pellet, but way to much ash to deal with. I would like to order 3 ton from you guys, once I find the right pellet for me. Any info you could pass along would be helpful. You delivered to me in Braintree, and I was very happy with the service.
    Thanks, Ken Cook

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